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Eye Dad is a hilarious and chaotic VR game about communicating with your friend while lacking crucial information.

You play as either EyeDad7320, a top of the line Patriarchal robot model (in training). Your job is to take care and love your child the mathematically correct amount. However, just as you are given your child, something happens to your visual censors and in the chaos your child is taken. 

One of the views the EYE program will see.

Due to the detection of visual sensor failure, your trusty Emergency Youth Extractor (EYE) program turns on to help guide you through the tough obstacles that lie between you and your child.

Eye Dad is meant to be a fun and sometimes hectic co-op VR experience. You and a friend work together by communicating information about the level with one another in order to take out enemies and overcome challenges. The EyeDad7320 player will be immersed in the world of Eye-Dad. However, their visual sensors have been impaired, meaning they have a very limited view of the world they're in. The EYE program has a more complete view of the level, but no control over the players's movements. In order to succeed, the EyeDad7320 and EYE program must communicate as effectively as they can to solve the problems they face in each unique level.

Another view from the EYE program.

Essentially all the the EyeDad7320  will be able to see.


Here's a great video we put together that should give you a better idea of our game and how you play.



The game runs through SteamVR, and uses a custom Move action that you will need to set up. For Vive, set this up as the touchpad position.

Move - moves player around relative to direction player is facing.

Grip - grabs balls to throw


Arrow Keys - Moves camera

Space - Switches camera perspectives

Esc - Pauses Game

Game Dev Blog

Here's a link to our development blog if you want some more information about our process of making Eye-Dad. Enjoy!



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